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When the word golf is mentioned http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/Steelers-Mel-Blount-Draft-Jersey/ , people automatically think of the word green. It is, after all, quite appropriate since this sport is played outdoors amidst the lush greenery of the outdoor lawn or golf course. A golf course is not a standardized playing area. This means to say that unlike most ball games, the playing field differs from one area to another. They are uniquely designed and consist of either 9 or 18 holes.

Competing players are more popularly known as golfers and they use various kinds of clubs in hitting a ball into a hole. The objective is simple. Try to hit the ball into the hole using the lowest possible number of strokes. It can be played either as an individual or team sport http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/Steelers-Maurkice-Pouncey-Draft-Jersey/ , depending on the rules of the competition.

A round of golf is played with the number of holes in a particular order. Usually, one round involves 18 holes. However, if you are playing on a nine hole course, the typical round is composed of two successive nine hole rounds.

A game begins when the golfer hits the ball from the starting point which is called a teeing box. The term drive is used when a long distance shot is made so that the ball can travel down the fairway. After the ball has come to a stop http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/Steelers-Mason-Rudolph-Draft-Jersey/ , the golfer may strike it again with either of the following strikes: a lay up and approach or a green. When the ball reaches the nearest area near the hole, a putt is carried out.

The entire process may sound easy. Unfortunately, if you are beset by potential problems like a rough, or areas of long grass http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/Steelers-Marcus-Gilbert-Draft-Jersey/ , a bunker and the notorious water hazard, you will certainly have a challenging task ahead. Add to that the heavy wind, the rains and for professional players, the cheering and jeering of the crowd and you have one hell of a circus.

Golfers can either walk or drive in motorized carts all over the course. They can go about their game alone or with their friends and helpers. Typically http://www.authenticsteelersstore.com/Steelers-Lynn-Swann-Draft-Jersey/ , a caddy accompanies the player. What they do is carry and manage the golfer s equipment and give them sound advice on how to play the game in a better way.

Appropriate attire would be a preppy cotton shirt paired with a pair of lightweight shorts and a sun visor. During rainy or colder season, one can opt for a pair of slacks and thick jacket to ward off the chills. A well built cap may also be utilized to protect the head from a light drizzle. Some even bring a sturdy umbrella for better protection.

Playing golf has many advantages. It is a good exercise for the body because it stretches and tones the torso. It is also a good cardiovascular workout especially if one walks briskly from one hole to another. The clean air in the course is also good for the respiratory system. In addition, it can bring about relaxation because one can muse or meditate in the wide expanse of the fairway.

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