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The question or argument that comes from this is Terrell Edmunds Color Rush Jersey , are UFC fans real MMA fans? You could answer this on either side. The first side is yes UFC fans are real MMA fans. People describe the UFC as the super bowl of the sport. The best of the best of the sport, The NFL of MMA. Compared to American football, if you watch the NFL and not Semi pro leagues or arena football you are still a football fan. So you donít need to watch other originationís of MMA if you enjoy that one (the UFC) thatís all you need. So if you look at MMA the sport like football the sport and fighters as teams, the originationís are leagues. Then yes you could argue that UFC fans are in fact MMA fans.

On the other side of the argument you could say no Ryan Shazier Color Rush Jersey , UFC fans are not MMA fans, they are simply UFC fans. You could say that just because everyone knows about the UFC doesnít make them the best. There are fighters in other originationís that are just as good as the fighters in the UFC. The only thing that separates the UFC from the other originationís is the fact that they are well known. They have the advertising and marking that was needed to get them out there and seen.

I say everyone is right, first things first, donít kill the messenger Maurkice Pouncey Color Rush Jersey , but if the UFC is the biggest name out there, then itís not the UFC fault. There are too many originationís and fighters to keep track of. To say that there is someone out there that knows every fighter and every origination and if you donít know that then you are not a fan, then I donít think anyone is a fan. However, if you only follow one originationís Cameron Heyward Color Rush Jersey , then you are selling yourself short in the sport overall. I think a fan of MMA knows about more than one origination and more than one group of fighters.

In my opinion to answer the question at hand you need to ask one simple question. Is the UFC the only origination you follow? If no, then I say you are a MMA fan, if yes then I say you are just a UFC fan. I also say to you, if you even have to ask yourself this question Le'Veon Bell Color Rush Jersey , you already know the answer.

The people in the martial arts industry are definitely celebrating the fact that UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has finally made it official that they have purchased the Pride Fighting Championships. At a press conference in Tokyo, it was made known that the deal was struck at just under $70 million. This news was reported in Newsday making it known to everyone that great things were about to come.

Six years ago, the Casino Tycoons also known as the Fertitta brothers bought the Ultimate Fighting Championship and made it the leading sport in the mixed martial arts industry today. Each year you can bet that there are millions of people that are having pay per view parties watching the star studded

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