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looking for ideas for some nasty monster Halloween costumes pages I found quite a few more out of the park monsters that would make great weird Tanoh Kpassagnon Chiefs Jersey , odd, funny or just plain dumb-funny Halloween costumes that will make you different for certain.

That might not be good of course! So here is a list of Halloween costumes based around funny, odd and weird monsters. Check out my list of halloween monster costumes.

Some are from the Monster Manuals from the king of geek RPG games, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and others just in the spirit of that great game.

As for costumes, some are easy Patrick Mahomes II Chiefs Jersey , some you need to get creative on, for example, get a frog costume, some wings and top it off with some evil vampire teeth and hey presto, you are now a giant flying vampire frog – classy.

Evil Flying Vampire Frog
A resident of dark Breeland Speaks Chiefs Jersey , forbidding forests (etc, etc) this vampire frog attacks by biting your head and locking on as it drains your blood. This creates a bit of a quandary for your mates as when they try to rescue you they’re more than likely to stab you in the head instead

You’ll need a frog costume – all the costume places do them, add to that vampire teeth and some evil looking wings. Maybe go with green face paint or to create a devilish contrast go white, yellow or red.

The Evil Were Rabbit
It’s not from D&D but is really in the spirit of it, or Monty Python…that’s no ordinary rabbit!

Several costume sellers do a brilliant Evil White Rabbit costume that is ideal for this look Steven Nelson Black Jersey , it really can double as a were rabbit I think.

Or for an outrageous look get a fluffy bunny costume and evil it up with mask, teeth, talon hands and fake bloody axe or knife.

Pumpkin Slayer and Pumpkin Morph Man
Not D&D but very Halloween. Evil maybe but deadly…mighty warrior with sharp sword is confronted by an evil walking vegetable. A recipe for evil soup methinks.

The Pumpkin Slayer costume can be found in a lot of shops now. The Pumpkin morph suit which looks decidedly more S&M to me, is also widespread though how you eat and drink with it on I’m not sure!

The Peltast – Vampire Man Bag!
A super D&D monster classic, it’s an evil man bagvampire. You carry it about Armani Watts Black Jersey , it pricks you in the mosquito fashion so you don’t know it’s bitten you and slowly drains you of blood.

To dress as a Peltast I suggest cutting arm and leg holes in an old suitcase and adding vampire fangs and maybe a small bag on your head! Or, for off the shelf costumes I’ve seen wearable body bag and doggie bag costumes that will be fine.

The Stroke Lad

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